August 2, 2021

Want to communicate with your audience in an innovative and immediate way? Try Smart E-mail.

E-mail Marketing Statistics

  • E-mail marketing is 25 times more effective than banner ads at generating results.
  • E-mail marketing is five times more effective than direct mail campaigns at generating results.
  • Eighty-five percent of the responses happen within 48 hours.
  • Fifteen percent of interactive sales come from e-mail promotions.

Profound Communications has been offering its clients cost-effective electronic solutions for many years and prides itself on being able to offer the latest technology.

The Smart E-mail package offers:

  • Format of the e-mail message - Choose from more than 200 Smart E-mail templates or let us create a custom HTML template for you.
  • Text for the e-mail message - Profound will write each e-mail message using articles contained in the client's newsletter, promotional materials, and/or by consulting the client's Web site.
  • Artwork and the proofing process - Profound Communications will select appropriate images to accompany the text for each e-mail message. Two proofing cycles will be included with each message.
  • E-mail lists - The client will provide Profound Communications with an electronic list of names and e-mail addresses currently collected. Profound will merge the list with those collected from the client Web site sign-up form that Profound provides in HTML code. Profound will manage this data for the client during the agreement and will provide it upon request.
  • Message activity report - Profound provides a report for each message sent detailing the number of recipients opening the e-mail, recipients that clicked through to the client's Web site as a result of receiving the e-mail, and manage those addresses that bounce as undeliverable. This will determine a 100 percent accurate ROI.
  • Compliance & Privacy Policy - Profound will ensure your e-mail message fulfills all financial industry compliance requirements as well as the parameters of the Federal CANN-SPAM Act. All data collected on behalf of the client will be used and maintained in accordance with the client's privacy policy.

Smart E-mails are as affordable as $399 per issue.

Click here to download our Smart Email product sheet.

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