August 2, 2021
Smart Mail 

Profound Communications has been offering its clients cost-effective solutions for many years and prides itself on being able to offer the latest technology via The Marketing Department.

Ready Made Designs

Profound's Smart Mail letter designs have been test-marketed and are a powerful tool for reaching financial institution members and customers, and potential members and customers. Smart personalized letters enable you to accurately target your marketing program. Our letter library includes more than 140 different themes to fit your needs. If you do not see one that meets your program needs, let us know and we will create one for you.

All Smart Mail letters are mailed in a special wide view window envelope to entice the reader to act upon the offer. Once opened, the reader will be greeted with a letter that is clear and simple to respond to, further ensuring a profitable campaign for the credit union.

Smart Mail Has Options

Your program includes:

  • A huge library of letters
  • Disclosure and compliance checks
  • FREE Return on Investment analysis with every project
  • Quickness and speed of delivery - on-time, every-time
  • Flexible billing options
  • Flexibility with letter selection and mailing frequency
  • Four-color printing
You can customize your letters with:
  • Your company logo
  • The organization's phone number and Web address for any questions a reader may have.
  • A call to action response with customized rates and fees
  • Special rate offers or coupons
Our Smart Mail Library of Letters includes more than 140 direct mail messages including topics such as:
  • New Branch Opening
  • CD Loan Maturity
  • Single Service Customer or Member
  • Life Stage Marketing
  • Auto Loan Renewal
  • Merger Communications
  • Mortgage & Home Equity Loans
  • Online Services
  • Switch Kits
  • Business Accounts
  • Surveys
  • Pre-Approval & Pre-Qualified Offers
  • Skip-A-Pay Programs
  • Referral Rewards
  • New Member Welcome & Thank You
  • Age Milestone Celebrations
  • Member or Customer Anniversary.           

Begin your Smart Mail program today!

Click here to view our product information packet or E-mail us to request a Smart Mail sample letter.

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