August 2, 2021
Smart List 

Smart Lists can help you identify potential members and many others.

There are many people out there just waiting to buy your products. The problem is - you're not asking them yet. We can help you solve that problem with Smart Lists.

Smart Lists can provide you with a list of hundreds of potential consumers in your area. We can help you identify:

  • New Movers - Reach out to new potential members/customers in your community who are looking for a new financial institutions.
  • Residents in proximity to branch locations - Identify the potential members/customers who drive by your location everyday.
  • Businesses that may make great select employee group or commercial customers - Contact businesses in your area that may benefit from your commercial banking options.
  • Demographically targeted households - Target the households that earn, save, and spend like you current members.

YES! I'd like to start reaching my potential consumers today!

Complete the form below to learn how many potential consumers you could reach and receive pricing information for your list. Your list criteria should include items like target zip codes or towns, new movers, homeowners, businesses, etc. If you have questions about your list criteria, please call 440.941.7779.

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